My mission is to stimulate positive, constructive change through peaceful agitation and collaborative negotiation. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and at a beyond-human scale. To actualize a world that is resilient and regenerative for everyone, I believe radical action must happen at the local level.
— Dr Tamasin Ramsay

Disruptive               smart                dynamic                creative

Tamasin engages with others to facilitate change through constructive collaboration, peaceful disruption, and creative non-violent activism. Through strategic inter-personal negotiations, she helps individuals, organisations and communities to achieve substantive success in their missions that support the wellbeing of humans, non-humans and the natural world. 

Tamasin persistently applies herself in the fields of arts, science and politics, to illuminate contemporary issues that affect all those on the receiving end of human engineered politics, namely non-human animals. Tamasin works with others to disrupt unwholesome ways of thinking through creative non-violent agitation.

Primary Skills

  • Collaboratively reframes problems into goal-specific solutions.  
  • Negotiates and mediates with disparate groups.
  • Combines creativity with intellectual rigour to disrupt entrenched modes of thinking
  • Solves sticky problems.  
  • Designs and implements rigorous and independent qualitative research.

Personal Commitments

  • Regular meditation practice (since 1984) and regular long-term immersion meditation retreats (since 2011).
  • Committed vegan (to do the least harm possible to other living beings).
  • To shake things up to make a better world for everyone.