For individuals

Every day, most people in industrialised countries do a version of the following: get up, eat, shower, go to work or school, buy something/ do something, travel home, spend time with friends/ family/ colleagues, have dinner and go to bed. We do these things without thinking much about them. However with just a little thought, you can make a big difference. Also, it can be enjoyable and heartening to bring some newness to your daily routine.

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for communities and organisations

Find out how you can reduce your costs, lower your environmental impact, beautify your environment, improve working relations and heighten productivity. They are all connected. Using eco-systems thinking, Tamasin works with you and your colleagues to strengthen, beautify and enliven your environment while saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint.

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The one singular thing you can do, to make the biggest difference you can, is to go vegan.
— Dr Tamasin Ramsay